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Globally Informed Artistic Creations. 

Nancy Hemenway Whitten Barton was an American artist who specialized in tapestries created from a wide range of fabrics. She created an art form she called "bayetage" -- a combination of flower-dyed wool, bayeta, and collage. Hemenway had one-woman exhibitions at more than 20 museums around the world, including the Art Institute of Chicago, the Farnsworth Art Museum, the Los Angeles County Museum, and the Edinburgh City Art Centre, Scotland.

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Ahead of Her Time - The Life and Work of Nancy Hemenway Barton



This major retrospective of one of the 20th century’s most creative and multifaceted artists will feature early watercolors, oils and portraits plus textile designs and wall hangings from her global museum exhibitions.  On all three floors of the Gallery, there will be journals, poetry, videos and memorabilia. Other museums, including the Farnsworth, Bates, and Wheaton will feature works during the same period as part of a Hemenway Trail that will celebrate her breakthrough career.


University of New England Gallery Portland